Rodney “Rod” E. Knox, owner of CONTRACTORS GROUP, INC., began his career in the construction industry in1970 upon returning to Des Moines from the Marine Corps.  He worked for Midwest Lumber until 1972 when he was hired by Custom Built Homes.  During his 13-year tenure with Custom Built Homes, Rod learned and perfected his craft.  In 1985, Rod opened NewCastle Corporation, Inc. focusing on building custom homes and senior townhomes.

The floods of 1993 proved very challenging for all in the construction industry, especially custom home building.  In the early part of 1994, Rod decided that he needed to diversify and expand into the commercial field.  As a result, CONTRACTORS GROUP, INC. was formed to reflect commercial and residential services, both new and remodeling.

CONTRACTORS GROUP, INC. knows that in this very competitive market you are looking for value for your construction funds.  We not only give the value that you are seeking, we also produce a timely product, with consistent quality craftsmanship throughout.  The quality does not end in the field, our clients concerns and questions are taken care of by our administrative staff in a warm, caring, concerned and professional manner that is most appreciated in today’s loss of personal contact.

CONTRACTORS GROUP, INC. is locally owned and operated, we live and work in the communities that we do business in; the monies that you invest in your project stay here in our community and with our local businesses.

When you select us, CONTRACTORS GROUP, INC., as your partner in your next project, please know that we are licensed, insured and a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau of Des Moines, Iowa.